Quality Climate Smart Seeds

    Dryland Seed Limited (DSL) is an emerging Kenyan private seed company established in 2004 specializing in dryland agriculture in the low and mid altitude areas of Eastern, Coast, North Eastern, Nairobi, Rift Valley, Central, Nyanza and Western, based in Machakos town.

    DSL works closely with KALRO, CIMMYT, AATF, CIAT and ICRISAT to develop and commercialize climate smart seeds. DSL range of products include Maize: VIGA, KDV1, KDV2, KDV4; Beans: Kat B1, Kat B9, and Kat X56; Cowpea: K80, and M66; Pigeon Pea: Kat 60/8 and Mbaazi 1; Sorghum: Seredo, and Gadam; Green Grams: N26.

    New variety releases are in the pipeline. A new tropical vegetable seed range of products has been introduced in partnership with East West Seed International to give farmers a complete package.
  • About DSL

    Quality Climate Smart Seeds

    Dryland Seed Limited (DSL) is a limited liability established in 2004 to produce and sell crop seeds adapted to dry land conditions. The seeds sold include four varieties of maize, three varieties of beans, two varieties of cowpeas, two varieties of pigeon peas, three varieties of sorghum and one variety of green grams. The seeds are developed in collaboration with Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) and CIMMYT through a public-private partnership licensing agreement. All seeds are certified by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS).

    We provide unique value driven products!

    Dryland Seed Limited was founded in 2004 by the Managing Director Mr. Ngila Kimotho. DSL specialises in production, processing and dissemination of drought tolerant seed crop varieties. DSL distributes the seed through Agro-dealers to give access to farmers in low and medium altitude ASAL areas of Africa. DSL is committed to providing suitable quality seed and service to farmers.

    Our pledge:

    Dryland Seed Ltd strives to be the leading source of drought tolerant seed crop varieties, ensuring increased productivity in the Arid and Semi-Arid lands. DSL works closely with Research Institutions to develop more improved varieties. DSL does this by supplying the finest quality seed and providing technical and growing advice direct from our own team of professionals. For all our products we provide an after-sales service with practical advice and help second-to-none. We also go the extra mile in conjunction with our partners and collaborators train farmers to grow certified seed in a manner to realize maximum yield and maximum potential of our seed.

    Product Development:

    Dryland Seed Ltd works closely with local and international research organizations.


    To maintain a seed business for the marketing of superior dry land seed varieties that meet the farmer

  • Collaborators

    Dryland seed Limited is currently working with the following organizations:

    1. The ministry of Agriculture (MOA)

    Training farmers in the farmers field schools & Local areas Organizing field-days & workshops Visit: kilimo.go.ke

    2. Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization(KALRO)

    Production and Dissemination of public bred varieties Exchange of germplasm (Breeding Material) and technology Field days and workshops Visit KALRO at:

    3. Kenya Plant Health inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)

    Seed certification Phytosanitary Plant variety protection Licenses and trains stockists for distribution of certified seed. Visit Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Serviceat: kephis.org

    4. CIMMYT

    Research in maize and wheat. Exchange of germplasm (Breeding Material) and technology Visit at:

    5. AGRA (Alliance for A green Revolution in Africa)

    AGRA works to achieve a food secure and prosperous Africa through the promotion of rapid, sustainable agricultural growth based on smallholder farmers. Visit at:

    6. International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

    7. African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) aatf-africa.org

    8. Agri Experience Limited

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  • Products

    Maize varieties

    KDV1, KDV2 and KDV4
    Open pollinated varieties recommended for low to medium altitude areas.
    Plant description
    Early maturing Drought tolerant Good standability Good husk cover Seed rate: 6-8 kg per acre (15-20 kg per hectare) Flowering: 45-52 days Days to maturity: 75-90 days Yields: 10-17 bags per acre (15-42 bags per hectare)

    VIGA (Plant description)
    VIGA is a drought and low nitrogen tolerant hybrid good standability Good tolerance to major diseases (GLS, MSV and blight) Altitude zone: 1,000-1,600 meters Good husk cover Seed rate: 8-10 kg per acre (15-20 kg per hectare) Days to maturity: 125-134 days Yields: 4-5 tons per hectare (Produced and marketed under an AATF license)

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  • Products

    Beans varieties

    KAT B1 (Katumani Bean 1)
    Flowers within 30-40 days Matures within 60-65 days Potential yield ranges from 7-9 90 kg bags per acre (1400- 1900 kg per hectare) Tolerant to rust, common bean mosaic virus (CBMV), angular leaf spot and bacterial blight Drought tolerant Performs well in areas between 900- 1600 M above sea level, but at an elevation higher than 1600 M above sea level

    KAT B9 (Katumani Bean 9)
    Flowers in 30 -40 days Has a uniform flowering period Matures within 60-65 days Potential yields is 7-9 90 kg bags per acre (1400- 1900 kg per hectare) Drought tolerant Tolerant to common bean mosaic virus and rust; and has field tolerance to several fungal diseases Suitable for lower altitude areas of 1000 M and below where the average rainfall season is more than 200mm.

    KAT X56
    Flowers in 30-35 days Has uniform flowering and maturity Matures within 60- 65 days Potential yields are 7-10 bags per acre (1400- 2000 kg per hectare) Under good growing conditions, the variety yields more than KAT B1 and KAT B9 Has tolerance to rust, charcoal rot, common bean mosaic virus (CBMV) and tolerance to angular leaf spot The grain cooks fast and tastes sweet

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    Green grams

    Variety: N26
    1. Early maturing

    2. Drought tolerant

    3. Has a determinate growth habit

    4. Pods are black and contain shiny green grains
    5. Flowers in 40-45 days

    6. Matures in 60-65 days

    7. Potential yields range from 300-1500kg/ha or 520-600 kg/acre

    8. Can do well in both semi-arid and well-watered areas of between 50-1600m above sea level.

    9. N26 is suited to well- drained sandy loams and because of its earliness it has proved more successful in the drier areas of lower Machakos, Kitui, Mwingi, Tharaka, Mbeere and Makueni districts

    Green gram

    Green gram


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  • Products

    Sorghum varieties

    A semi-dwarf small plant that grow 100-130 cm tall with very uniform plant population suited for dry lands.

    A semi-dwarf plant that grows to a height of 100-150 cm. SORGHUM SEREDO

    Sorhgum seredo is drought tolerant Flowers in 50-55 days Days to maturity 90-105 days. Yield: 10-12 bags (90kg bags) per acre. Rainfall requirements: 250-500 mm per season. Agro-ecological zone: It is a moist mid altitude crop. Districts: Mwingi, Tharaka, Nithi and Machakos.

  • Products

    Pigeon peas varieties

    KAT 60/8
    ● Plant height ranges from 85-130cm depending on the altitude and season
    ● Has a spreading growth habit
    ● Flower in 95-120 days
    ● A medium maturity variety in 136-150 days

    ● Potential grain yields range from 1200-1500kg/ha or 480-600 kg/acre in one season and in two seasons it yields 3000kg/ha or 1200 kg/acre
    ● Tolerance to wilt and leaf spot diseases
    ● Kat 60/8 can be grown between 50-1800m above sea level and performs well in lower Makueni, Kitui, Mwingi, Mbeere, Tharaka, Meru and Machakos where temperatures are high.

    ● A determinate variety that grows 80-120cm high depending on season and altitude
    ● The plant is compact and is normally grown as a sole crop
    ● A short duration variety with a semi spreading growth habit and an indeterminate flowering pattern
    ● Flowers in 55-70 days
    ● Matures in 105-120 days
    ● Has a potential yields of 1000kg/ha or 400 kg/acre in one season and 2000kg/ha or 800 kg/acre in two seasons
    ● Mbaazi-1 is better adapted to medium and higher altitude (over 900m above sea level)

  • Products

    Cow peas

    M66 (Machakos 66)
    The cowpea variety M66 is a bushy semi-spreading plant
    ● It is a dual-purpose variety grown for both leaves and grain
    ● It flowers within 55-60 days
    ● Matures within 80-90 days
    ● The yields range from 800-1700 kg/ha or 320-680 kg/acre
    ● Is tolerant to yellow mottle virus and scab moderately tolerant to Septoria leaf spot and powdery mildew
    ● It has field tolerance to aphids and thrips.
    ● Cowpea M66 (purple pods)
    cow peas

    Katumani 80 (K80)
    ● The cowpea variety K80 is a bushy semi-spreading plant
    ● The variety K80 is a dual-purpose- can be used as vegetables and as seed.
    ● It flowers within 55-60 days
    ● Matures within 80-90 days
    ● Potential yields range from 800-1800kg/ha or 320-720 kg/acre
    ● It is resistant to aphids,moderately tolerant to thrips, pod borers and leafhopper
    ● Moderately tolerant to fungal diseases and mosaic virus

    ● Cowpea K80 (straw coloured pods) K80 Seeds

  • Distribution network

    1. Machakos County (ASAL agrovet, Makamithi enterprises, KFA, Kwitu Mwema enterprises)
    2. Makueni County (Kambu jubilee agrovet, Mae chemicals, Mamba agrovet, Rehoboth, Tazama agrovet)
    3. Kitui County (Kithimani agrovet,Diplomat agrovet, Kiusyani agrovet, Kitui Horticultural farmers)
    4. Embu County
    5. Nakuru County (Meya agri traders)
    6.Kwale County
    7. Meru County
    8. Nairobi County (Golden hope agrovet, Nairobi supermarket, Jumbo agrovet, KFA, Murimi munini agrovet)