Providing Quality Crop Seeds

We offer best quality crop fields and horticultural products that are either open pollinated or hybrid seeds. Our main focus is on crop seeds varieties adapted to dry land conditions in low and mid altitude areas. 

We have given out unique solutions to farmers and business environment needs through participation for betterment of quality agricultural inputs or produce since 2007.



Tandi F1, Nirvana F1

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Onion Superyali

Pak Choi

Pak Choi

Field Crops

soghum 3

Sorghum Gadam

Yellow Bean

KAT B1/ Yellow Beans

Green Gram N26 5

Green Gram N26

Who we are

Dryland seeds Ltd (DSL) is a private limited company incorporated under the Company’s Act (CAP 486) of the Kenyan constitution in 2007. We have a highly competitive product portfolio of well-established Dryland seeds hybrid that include maize varieties (SAWA, SIFA and MITUKI), bean varieties such as yellow beans (KatB1), Nyota and Katx56. DSL through partnership with East-West Seed distributes vegetable seeds (TANDI F1 and Nirvana F1)  that are highly yielding due to the better quality of the seeds.

We are regulated by Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate service (KEPHIS), a government parastatal, which assures the quality of agricultural inputs and produce to prevent adverse impacts on the economy, the environment and human health.

Our Collaborators