Onion Crop Guide

Deep red and perfectly round onion that's highly tolerant to downy mildew and purple blotch

Super Yali

Type: Deep red
Maturity: 90 days after transplanting
Plant vigor: strong
Bulb weight: 80 – 100gms
Spacing: 30 x 7.5cm
Advantage: Good storability, high market value
Tolerance: Downy mildew purple botch
Seed rate: 1kg/ acre
Optimal yield: 25 tons/ Acre
Suited to cooler areas

Land Preparation

  • Narrow paths help with irrigation and drainage
  • 600,000 plant population/ha

Seedling Production

Fertilizer Application

How to assure high yield

Safe and effective use of pesticides

Kinds of diseases

  • Anthrancose
  • Pink roots
  • Stemphylium leaf blight
  • Purple blotch
  • Bacterial soft root