Sawa maize

Sawa maize

SAWA maize was among the first seeds to be introduced by the late Mr. Ngila Kimotho. This was in the year 2016. With an aim to combat the uncontrollable climatic conditions, SAWA Maize was introduced to alleviate the farmers’ situation. After 10 years of trying and approval by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), SAWA Maize gradually penetrated in the market and is now one of the major selling products in Dryland Seed Limited. 

Sawa Maize
Three months maturity and well adapted to dry areas


Attributes of SAWA include: 

  • Drought tolerant 

SAWA hybrid is well adapted to dry and hot areas. 

  • Nitrogen use efficient
  • Disease tolerance – GLS (Gray Leaf Spot) and MSV (Maize Streak Virus)
  • Sweet taste
  • Good husk cover
  • Plant stays green after maturity
  • Spacing 75cm * 25cm
  • Seed rate 10kg per acre
  • Early maturity 90-100 days
  • Optimal yield 30-32 bags per acre

SAWA Hybrid has good adaptability across low, transitional and mid-altitude areas of Eastern, Central, Western, Rift Valley, Nyanza and Coast regions. 


Sawa Maize
Drought tolerant maize

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