Innovative Seed Technologies for Adaptable Crop Seeds

Apart from adhering to the stipulations of the Seed and Plant Varieties Act Cap 326, we are also listening to our consumers. We have learnt over time, that innovation is the key to achieving success as we serve farmers. As such, we engage a creative problem-solving approach that is human-centric blended with the latest innovative seed technologies. The result is adaptable crop seeds that meet the quality farmers are after.

Our Adaptable Crop Seed Varieties

As is consistent in our brand narrative, we are known for quality seed varieties that allow farmers to plant in dryland conditions and still get good results. Our seed varieties are categorized into field crops as well as horticulture.

When it comes to fields crops these are the seeds we produce and sell:

  • Maize Hybrids: SAWA, KDH3, SIFA
  • Cowpeas: M66, K80
  • Beans: KAT B1, NYOTA, KAT X56
  • Sorghum: GADAM, SEREDO
  • Green Gram: N26

Below are the horticulture seed options:

  • Onion: SUPERYALI
  • Tomato: TANDI F1, NIRVANA F1, PADMA F1
  • Pakchoy: MAYLEEN F1
  • Pumpkin: LEELA F1, PUJITA F1

More Benefits for Farmers

Beyond adaptable crop seeds, and capturing customer feedback for the production process, we also offer online support, farmers and agro dealers’ trainings, as well as farmer extension services.