Superyali is resistant to downy mildew, purple blotch, splitting and bolting.


A great variety with a proper management system equals great returns in terms of revenue. Onion is one of the most widely grown vegetable crops in Africa. Not only is it a profitable venture but also a sustainable way of consumption amongst smallholder farmers. 

Superyali harvest
Delighted farmers upon harvesting tonnes of Superyali.


Superyali, is an onion variety distributed by DSL which has gained much recognition and acceptance by farmers over the years due its high quality during growth and upon maturity as well as brilliant yields which speak to higher incomes and revenue.This is how: By planting 1 kg of Superyali in an acre you are able to get 25 tonnes yield. 


Superyali comprises the following attributes: 

  • Deep red. Humans are attracted to colors and Superyali draws you in with its deep red color which is what the market desires.
  • Matures in 90 days
  • Globe shaped
  • Very firm
  • Strong plant vigor
  • Weight of 80-100grams
  • Tolerant to purple blotch, downy mildew, splitting and bolting. 

With a good management of the farm and using the required chemicals in the growth of onion, Superyali resists purple blotch, bolting, splitting and downy mildew.

Superyali thrives best at an altitude of between 0-1900m above sea level.


Deep red and perfectly round onion that's highly tolerant to downy mildew and purple blotch
Deep red, globe shaped Onion


Farmers testimonials

Farmer 1 (Kenneth)

Planted 250 grams of Superyali and got 2 tonnes. Acknowledges Superyali is the best variety there is. 

“Every problem has its own solution and Superyali is my solution,” said Mr Kenneth.

Farmer 2 (Florence)

Planted 500g of Superyali after seeing the neighbour who grows Superyali had gotten twice the harvest. 

“I have grown other onion varieties but Superyali proves to be the most promising by far,” adds Ms Florence. 

Farmer 3 (Susan)

Planted Superyali the second time after getting better yield and is glad to have come across the best variety, that is Superyali.

“Superyali has fulfilled my dreams and improved my standard,” emphasized Ms Susan.

Onion Superyali
Superyali sachets. Dryland Seed Limited/ East-West Seed

DSL is delighted that we are able to meet farmers expectations because if the farmers are happy, we all are. 

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