Tomato Crop Guide


Tandi F1

Type: Determinate
Maturity: 55 – 60 days
Plant vigor: Very strong
Resistance: Resistance to tomato yello leaf curl virus (TY)
Fruit shape: Elongated blocky and large in size
Fruit weight: 120g – 140g
Spacing: 100cm x 60cm
Seed rate: 30g per acre
Optimal yield: 40 tons/ acre

Nirvana F1

Type: Semi determinate variety, suitable for dry season
Plant vigor: Strong plant vigor and great uniformity
Seed rate: 30 grams per acre
Spacing: 100cmd x 60cm
Resistance: Bacteria wilt and virus diseases (ToMV, TYLC)
Fruit size: Large with deep red color
Fruit weight: 100g – 110g
Maturity: 70 – 80 days after transplanting
Shelf life: Long 20 – 28 days
Optimal yield: 30 tons/ acre


Land Preparation

  • Narrow paths help with irrigation and drainage
  • Install trellis 8-10 days after transplanting
  • 26, 600 plants/ha

Seedling Production

Substrate preparation: heat for 10 minutes or place in full sun for hald day; fill tray

Sow seeds and protect seedlings

Maintain constant moisture

Reduce water and expose to more sun 2-3 days before transplanting late in the afternoon

Fertilizer Application

The recommended fertilizer amount is based on plant population of 26,600 per hectare.

How to assure high yield

Safe and effective use of pesticides

Kinds of diseases

  • Bacterial wilt
  • Late blight
  • Early blight
  • Mosaic Virus
  • Leaf curl virus